Javier Villa and Enrique Velasco achieve their first victory within the Toyota Gazoo Racing Iberian Cup

Javier Villa and Enrique Velasco achieve their first victory within the Toyota Gazoo Racing Iberian Cup


The duo formed by Javi Villa and Enrique Velasco (Asturhíbrido) started setting the best time in the first stage of Saturday, with only one second ahead of Carlos Rodríguez (Grupo Breogán) and two seconds ahead of Josep Bassas (IPPON Motor Vallés). After this first special stage, the Catalan driver increased the pace to score two consecutive scratches and take the lead.

The hardness of the rally was felt in the first stage, as there were several retirements: Bruno Bulacia (CSM Automoció) and Pedro Lago (Toyota Caetano Auto), due to mechanical failure, while Carlos Rodríguez (Grupo Breogán), Javier Moltó (Kobe Motor), and Ricardo Costa (Macedo & Macedo GTW Racing), did it by road departure. However, the Portuguese driver was able to previously score a scratch in the fourth section and thus add the additional point awarded to the winner of each special stage.

At the end of the first stage, Josep Bassas (IPPON Motor Vallés) and Javi Villa (Asturhíbrido) were distancing themselves from the rest of the drivers, with Miguel Campos (Macedo & Macedo GTW Racing) in a solid third position. José Lamela (Breogán Group) was fourth, Manuel Martins, fifth, and José Mulero (Labasa), sixth.

On Sunday, Javi Villa (Asturhíbrido) was not satisfied with second place and set the best time in the first stage of the day, 17 seconds behind Josep Bassas (IPPON Motor Vallés). In the two following sections, two more scratches for the Asturian driver left the difference at 12 seconds. Then, when there were still three stages to go before the end of the rally, the Catalan driver had to retire due to a mechanical problem, leaving Javi Villa (Asturhíbrido) as the sole leader and allowing Miguel Campos (2nd) and Pedro Lago (3rd), who had rejoined the rally after his retirement in the first stage thanks to the super rally, to move up one position. Bruno Bulacia would finish fourth, after abandoning Manuel Martins in TC10.

José Carlos Mulero (Labasa) and José Lamela (Grupo Breogán) could not score points this time, as they were forced to retire in the ninth stage.

The next meeting of the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Iberian Cup is the Rally Terras D’Aboboreira, in two weeks (April 27th and 28th), in Portugal, where the teams will have to adapt the configuration of the car for an event that will be held entirely on dirt.